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So you have created an excellent website for your business, that looks great and functions the way you intended, but now what? How to attract visitors? How to tell the world about your business? How to provide it the visibility, that's necessary to score well in this world of stiff competition.

The answer is simple three letter word -SEO. SEO means search engine optimization. It is basically a set of activities intended to attract search engine spiders to crawl and locate a website or web page faster and thus give them higher rank in the results pages. SEO has been around for many years, but not many people are aware about it or are using it. As most of us will be unanimous about the fact that, the best search engine in the world is Google, it is the most logical step to have one's website rank much higher in such a search engine. Even though Google is just thirteen years old and younger than yahoo, it is the number one search engine for the searching of various terms. Since its initial launch, ranking methodology and techniques Google has been improving and getting more complex as well.

On-page optimization

On-page activities include optimizing the existing content, HTML code corrections, take out dead or broken links, selection of title tag, Meta tag and keywords. It may also analytical set up such as including Google and XML Site Map. Normally On-Page Optimization has to be done only once. Online optimization enables the website to identify the short comings of a website and customize it according to needs. On page optimization is necessary to focus all the efforts on the main keywords to be optimized.

Off-page Optimization

One of many parameters that are being used by Google in the process of determining the location in various ranking sites is the process of counting and analysing the value of the links to a page. The better the quality of the link, higher chances of website to achieve top rank. This process is a part of on page optimization. Off Page Optimization refers to those SEO activities carried out off the web page, it involves the link building work. It is done for getting back links by using different link building techniques for specific keywords. The process may include the creation of new pages, one way link building, directory submission, classified ad creation and submission, video creation and submission, creation and distribution of keyword rich content in form of blog post messages, press releases, article and eBooks, etc.

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